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February 15, 2016

There used to exist a really wonderful webcomic called Pictures for Sad Children.  A few years ago its creator, John Campbell, grew tired of the project and removed all of it from the internet.  But the comic was hugely influential, and you can find most of its pieces reproduced online if you do a Google search.

Lesser known is the author’s smaller follow-up comic that was (somewhat bizarrely) themed around a fictionalized recounting of the life of the actor Michael Keaton.  This comic has also been taken down completely, and it is much harder to find any of its pieces online.

There was one of the Michael Keaton comics that I loved in particular, though, and which I managed to find using a lot of patience and the Internet Archive site.  I am reproducing it here not because I have any right to do so, but because it was too sad for me to think that it might get lost to humanity.


tumblr_mj90gz0Kv81rngbhio1_500 tumblr_mj90hkGYKz1rngbhio1_500 tumblr_mjaovmGylb1rngbhio1_r3_500

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  1. Brian Cobb permalink
    May 13, 2017 1:36 pm

    Hi Brian, I just discovered your blog and am enjoying your submissions.

    It does seem that some worthwhile webcomics have been lost – or at least have been made less accessible. Although the content of this one, “Surveyor,” isn’t really the topic of your blog, I thought I’d point out an observation that I’ve made.

    The comic makes a point that I’ve heard before (that the closer one looks, the longer the shoreline will be, eventually reaching – or approaching – an infinite length). Superficially, it makes sense, but ultimately it is incorrect: Let’s say for clarity that the shoreline is made of sand. if finer and finer measurements are made, eventually the size of the sand grains will constitute the smallest units used to calculate the result. And because sand grains have a finite size, the result too will be finite (and not an estimate). Just don’t ask me to do the measuring!

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